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Adjusting Your Pet to Their New Home

Moving can be messy, which means packed and unpacked boxes will be everywhere. Things will be on the floor, counters and stacked on top of each other. With the chaos of moving, make time to prepare for your furry friend to move in too!


Before the Pet Arrives:

First, create a safe environment. Check that there are no dangerous things that your pet could get into, have space for it to explore the new home, and bring its favorite toys to the house. Second, have something familiar like its bed and favorite toys. It will keep the dog or cat at ease. Not only is moving stressful for you, but it will be stressful for your pet. Pets feed off of your emotion. If you’re anxious about moving, your pet will be anxious as well. Keep calm for your pet’s sanity as well as yours!

The Pet Arrival:

It’s time for the cat or dog to move in. If you have a dog, take it for a walk around the neighborhood. This will give the dog time to explore the area you both will be walking. This also gives the pup an opportunity to use the bathroom outside instead inside your new home. Cats are very different from dogs, so they need different ways to adjust. Try to introduce the cat to one room at a time. The first room should have the cat’s litter box so it smells something familiar. The cat may hide/climb or walk around to see its new environment. Don’t stress the cat by trying to remove it from its spot, if it’s scared. It will take its time, so remain calm. The two best things for your furry friends are let it take its time and for you to have a positive, calm attitude.

The Pet’s New Home:

Hopefully your pet adapted to its new home just like you! The main idea is to have consistency until your cat or dog is completely settled. If the animal sleeps with you, don’t change that habit immediately. A new environment comes with new smells and sounds. It will be a lot to take in for the pet. When you notice the cat or dog is comfortable,  you can change its routine if you would like. Remember pets feed off of the owner’s emotion. Be happy! You have a new home and a loving fuzzy buddy by your side.

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