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Culture, Cuisine, Cocktails & Concerts in Gainesville

There is more to Gainesville’s downtown and midtown bars than you might think. Gainesville is alive with culture, cuisine, cocktails and concerts. It’s time to explore and have different entertainment in your night.

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If you are looking for a calm evening with friends or a loved one, then visit Alpin Bistro for beer, wine and french cuisine. The food is delicious as well as visually appealing. On Thursday nights the bistro hosts an accordion player for lovely entertainment. If you’re not a late night person but want to go back, Alpine Bistro serves brunch on Saturdays from 11-4pm.


The Hippodrome will expand your artistic and cultural horizons. There is always something going on from
film festivals to musicals. Their calendar is stocked with exciting new things. The Hippodrome hosts art exhibits, festivals and artist presentations. Choose a night to visit
and enrich your knowledge.


One of the best Happy Hour is in downtown at Dragonfly. The cocktails and delicious appetizers will have you coming back for more. You can sit at the outside bar and enjoy the downtown Gainesville evening weather or inside at the bar. The bartenders are friendly and contribute to the lively ambiance. If you don’t want to end the night here, it is a quick walk to the Hippodrome.


Cuisine & Concerts & Cocktails

High Dive has concerts from local bands, upcoming bands and well-known bands. The bar is always stocked and the vibes are great at concerts. High Dive also hosts food truck rallies throughout the year and provide a live band to entertain the night away.


Have an easy evening adventure in Gainesville with The Spins. This business created an innovative way to pub crawl through Gainesville. Gather friends and beer and hop on a bar-bike to be pedaled around. They provide different types of trips and times. Sign up for the trip that speaks to you!

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