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Top 5 Things to Consider When House Hunting

Buying a house can be incredibly stressful. Not only are you planning on spending a large portion of your life in your new home, but you’re also investing a lot of your hard earned money and time into finding the perfect pad. When you buy a house, you make a commitment that can be difficult to break.

To help you figure out what type of home is the perfect fit for you, the Pepine Realty team in Gainesville put together a list of five things you should consider when you begin your housing search to make sure you’re buying a house where you and your family will feel at home.

1. The Size of the House and Floor Plan

How many people will live in your house and how many guest rooms do you want? If you’re looking for a larger house, but don’t plan on filling it, would you consider renting? Is it important for the children to have separate bathrooms or a more spacious bathroom?  Figure out how many bedrooms and photo of a large house for information about why knowing the house size is importantbathrooms you want in your new home and work from there.

Also consider what types of rooms you want in your new home. Maybe you’d like to have a game room, office, or arts and craft room. You also want to consider whether to get a house with stairs. If you’re older, have young children, or have health problems, you might want to focus your search on one-story houses.

2. The Location of the House

Ipad with search results on a map to show house location is important for house hunters

Does the neighborhood meet your expectations? Consider how far you’re willing to drive to work in the morning. Check if the noise or neighbors will be a problem for you. In Gainesville specifically, you might want to consider whether you’re okay living near college students.

Find out what the school zones are if you have children or plan to have children and want them attending a specific school. Keep in mind proximity to shopping centers, grocery stores, and more. And of course, if you’re planning to get a home in Gainesville, you might want to consider how University of Florida and other traffic will affect your commute.

3. How Much You’re Willing to Renovate

You’ve seen the show Fixer Upper and are ready to get your hands dirty, but how much timea man renovating a house after trying to find a house and money are you willing to invest in your new home? Consider everything you don’t like about the house and if you’ll want to change or renovate it. Sometimes the expenses and effort that go into a renovation are unrealistic. For example, you might love everything about the house except for how the bathroom does not have a bathtub. Installing a new bathtub could really hurt when you didn’t budget for it.

The kitchen is another place to look at when you’re trying to figure out remodeling or renovating. Do you like the setup? While appliances can easily be replaced, replacing cabinet faces and countertops could cost a lot, especially if you’re looking for high end material.

4. Closets and Storage

a closet full of colorful clothes to show that you need storage and closets when thinking of getting a houseHow much clothing do you have? What about other storage space? Figuring out storage is critical. Consider where you’ll put your clothes, sports equipment, books, craft supplies, holiday decorations, extra bedding and more. Piling everything into the closet or leaving it around your living area can create clutter and leave you exasperated. The same holds true for the opposite; if you don’t have a lot, do you really need a large storage space?

5. Windows and Lighting

Some people like a lot of natural light in their home. Other people windows and light are important to consider when you're buying a housemight prefer the rooms to be darker and more private. Which do you prefer? Check how many windows the house has and where those windows are. Are you comfortable with windows in the bathroom or large windows or sliding glass doors in the master bedroom?

The location and surroundings could also factor into how much light you get. You could consider which way the house is facing relative to the sun and if there are trees or infrastructure that would block the sunlight. Also consider the indoor lighting. Will you have enough light at night? How easy is it to install more lighting? These are all questions you should be asking yourself as you tour the houses.


When you are looking for a home, you should never settle and should make sure you know what you want. The Realtors at Pepine Realty are here to help you find the perfect home based on your requirements. If you’re uncertain what you want in a home, our Realtors are also happy to sit down with you and help you figure everything out. The Pepine Realty team was named one of the top 250 national real estate teams in the nation by the Wall Street Journal. See why we are the best Realtors in Gainesville by contacting us for a free consultation.

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